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Floating Fish
Finally, some fish you can't kill. These ceramic koi fish come in 2 sizes and colors, and they really float! Glaze pattern will vary slightly. Small: 2-3/4"L Large: 4"L Extra Large: 8"L 
Floating Frog
Add this little frog to your figurine collection. It is sitting quietly without a care in the world. You can place it under another decorative object and it will appear to look up at the other item or in a bowl to float in water! Glaze pattern will vary slightly. 2-1/2"L...
Brass Spoon with Bee
This gold honey spoon will help with that presentation. It can also be a great addition to your sugar bowl. Measures: 5" L To protect brass: Use linseed or mineral oil to clean with a soft terry towel. Avoid cooking with and avoid use with acidic foods. After every use,...
Colorful Drinking Glasses
Glass 3" Round x 3-3/4"H 6 oz. Sold separately  
Stoneware Mug with Tea Bag Holder
Size: 4 1/2" x 4"H, 12 oz. Hand-stamped stoneware mug with tea bag holder  Available in 4 styles
Furry Poodle/ Doodle Ornament
Four colors to choose from! 4-1/4"L
Terra-cotta Wall Planters
This cute stoneware planter adds a touch of charm to your walls. Materials: Terra cotta.  Five available colors.  8-1/4"L x 5-1/2"W x 2"D
Vintage Embossed Amber 12 oz. Drinking Glass
Glass 3-1/4" Round x 4"H 12 oz.  
Velvet Plush Mushrooms
A fantastic combination of natural and lush, these velvet mushrooms can serve a variety of decorating goals. Place them on your fireplace mantle, place a bunch in a terra cotta pot, or use them to build faux cloche terrarium designs. Six different colors. Measures: 3-1/4" Round x 3-3/4"H. Velvet mushroom...
Printed Cotton Baby Swaddles - Flora and Fauna Themed
41" Square 100% Cotton Swaddles. Available in four styles.  from Creative CO-OP
Gold Cast Iron Bee Dish
This adorable cast iron bee dish is the perfect addition to any eclectic home. It has a beautiful gold finish, which allows it to fit in with any other color schemes. This is the perfect way to store any small items like wedding rings for any person with a unique...
Cylindrical Hand-Blown Glass Oil & Vinegar Cruet with Cork Stoppers
There is nothing like having one container inside the other. Each has its own opening and cork closure. They are both clear making the contents completely visible. Just open one end and pour the vinegar. Open the other and pour the oil. This is the ultimate in oil and vinegar...
Hand-Carved Doussie Spoon with Handle
Holly Hand-Stamped Stoneware Mugs
Pour your warm cup of coffee or tea into one of these adorable holiday mugs from Creative CO-OP, featuring four different styles and colors. Measures: 5" Round x 3-3/4"H; 16 oz. 100% Stoneware.
Round Glass Match Holder
This glass match holder is ideal for safety matches, but can hold any extra matches near your candles 2-1/4" round x 5-3/4"H by Creative Co-op 
Vintage Kantha Quilt Garland
Add a touch of whimsy to any space with this boho garland. Each one is handmade in India and will vary in color/pattern. 72"L Cotton Vintage Kantha. Points measure approximately 7"L
Woodland Creatures Hand-Painted Stoneware Dish
$7.00 $10.00
These adorable woodland dishes are perfect for storing tiny treasures. Choose between a hedgehog, ladybug, frog, squirrel, or a flower! 2-1/4"L - 4-1/4"L Hand Painted Stoneware *Final Sale On All Sale Items!
Stoneware Cat Taper Holder
Hand-Painted Stoneware Cat Taper Holder w/ Flower, Multi Color, 2 Styles Dimensions:  4-3/4"H - 6-1/4"H
Flora/Fauna Stoneware Dishes
 Stoneware Flora/Fauna Dish, Reactive Glaze, 5 Styles (Each One Will Vary) Stoneware 4-1/4"L x 3-3/4"W by Creative Co Op. Final Sale on All Sale Items!
Stoneware Mushroom Shaped Pedestal
Use as a cake stand for serving food or a plant stand!  Large dimensions:  9-1/2" Round x 4-1/2"H  Small dimensions: 6-1/4" Round x 2-3/4"H 100% Stoneware Cream-colored with reactive glaze.
Hand-Carved Doussie Wood Spoon with Twig Handle
Measures: 7-1/2"L 100% Doussie Wood.  Hand wash only. 
Cast Iron Mouse Card Holder
Let this little cutie hold your namecard, greeting cards, or favorite pictures! Cast Iron 4" tall
Stainless Steel
Choose the perfect flavor and grab a tea bag to immerse into your favorite mug full of hot water. While allowing the flavor to fully engulf the mug, wrap the string of the tea bag through the slot in the handle of this special spoon. This should eliminate the hassle...
Hand-Woven Macrame Mini Plant Hanger
Dimensions:  3-1/2" Round x 17-3/4"H.  Hand-woven macrame on paulownia wood ring.  by Creative CO-OP.
Cotton Baby Knotted Hat
These knotted baby hats are made of 100% cotton jersey and come in four different adorable styles.
Paper Snowflake Ornaments
Add a touch of ethereal beauty to your holiday decor with these paper snowflake ornaments. They come in four sizes, making them perfect as an assorted collection. Sizes: Small (9"H), Medium (12"H), Large (25"H), X-Large (30"H) Materials: 95% Paper, 4.5% Magnet, .5% Thread
Stoneware Match Holder w/ Striker
Materials: 100% Stoneware 2" Round x 2-1/4"H 
Fall Shaped Stoneware Dishes
These fun dishes are perfect for a cozy, fall spread. Choose between pinecone, leaf, and acorn dishes! Stoneware 5-1/2"L - 5-3/4"L Food Safe
Pinecone Shaped Tealights Set of 9
These unscented tealight candles come in two shapes: short and tall. They also come in three colors: mistletoe green, honey, and brown. Approximate burn time is 20 minutes.
These ornament garlands will shine so bright on your mantle or lining your doorway. Available in two kinds: blue or multicolored (red, pink, and green). Measures: 71" L. Materials: 90% Glass, 10% Iron.
Brass & Resin Spectacle Magnifying Glass
Brass and Resin 6.25" L x 7" H
Metal Bathtub Soap Dish
This vintage style soap dish will add a fun and rustic accent to your bathroom decor. Comes in 4 colors. 5-1/2"L x 2-1/2"W x 2-3/4"H
Hand-Stamped Stoneware Plates w/ Flowers
$5.00 $8.00
100% Stoneware round hand-stamped stoneware plates that come in four beautiful and colorful styles. Pair them with their matching bowls for your next dinner party! 6" diameter.  *Final Sale on All Sale Items!
Faux Fur Lab Dog Ornament
Two colors to choose from! 4-1/4"L
Hand-Carved Doussie Wood Spoon
7.75" long Each spoon will vary slightly in grain and color
Wood Inlay Photo Frame
6.5"W x 8.5"H Patterned Photo Frame, Brown & Ivory Color Holds 4" x 6" Photo Has back arm stand to display on shelf or mantle
Stoneware Pinch Pots w/ pattern
Stoneware Pinch Pot w/ Pattern, Multi Color. 2-1/2" Round  4 Styles
Vintage Etched Glass Decanters
$23.00 $26.00
Add these stunning vintage inspired decanters to your countertop or bar cart for instant wow factor. Two Sizes- 32 oz. or 20 oz. Glass Final Sale on All Sale Items.
Dried Natural Bunny Tail Bunch
15-3/4"H Dried bunny tail grass Each bunch will vary slightly from pictured bunch
Handmade Terra-cotta Mini Vase, 2 Styles
Handmade Terra-cotta Mini Vase, Black Chalkboard Finish, 2 Styles 2-1/2"H - 3"H 
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