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Little Lies is an Australian womenswear brand with a down to earth approach to life and style.  Inspired by the laid back Sydney style Little Lies creates easy, versatile and comfortable clothing for the modern woman.

Recognized for wardrobe basics and focused on sourcing fabrics which feel soft and luxurious, Little Lies continues to evolve as a must have lifestyle brand.  

Little Lies is run and managed by  a small close knit team of inspired individuals and is stocked in independent boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Girona Textured Sweater
Snuggle in with the Girona Textured Sweater! This cozy winter number is sure to provide you with all the warm comfy feels you need to get through those long, chilly winter evenings.  67% cotton, 25% viscose, 8% wool Han wash cold, lay to dry by Little Lies   
Paint Stroke Linen Pants
$75.00 $98.00
These linen¬†pants feature a unique brushstroke design with shades of orange and blue. Materials: 100% linen Hand wash, cold. Hang dry in shade. Do not tumble dry by Little Lies¬† ÔĽŅFinal sale on sale items!
Caro Linen Pants
$75.00 $89.00
These linen¬†pants are breathable and light - perfect for transitioning into warmer weather! 100% Linen ÔĽŅFinal sale on clearance items!
Contrast Stripe Shorts
$50.00 $72.00
These shorts are composed of 100% linen and can be paired as a set with our contrast stripe button-up or on it's own with a simple T-shirt. Materials: 100% linen.  by Little Lies.  *Final Sale on All Sale Items!
Georgie Stripe Pants
$75.00 $105.00
Wide leg pants with front and back pockets! A button and zipper closure on the front but still elastic in the back waistband. 100% linen Hand wash cold with similar colors, hang dry in shade. Do not tumble dry, iron inside out by Little Lies.  *Final Sale on All Sale...
Palma Short Open Cardigan
Feel cozy and look great in the Palma Short Open Cardigan! This striped heavy cardigan adds a pop of color to any outfit and will keep you warm while you show off your style!  25% polyester, 25%  nylon, 50% acrylic Wash cold, lay to dry by Little Lies   
Madrid Striped Sweater
Introducing the Madrid Striped Sweater - the perfect way to stay warm and stylish! With its classic stripes, this cozy sweater will be a statement staple in any wardrobe!  25% polyester, 25% nylon, 50% acrylic Wash cold, lay to dry by Little Lies   
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